8 ‘supporter’ indispensable for pregnant mothers

With infants, a comfortable sleeping area, full of essential items and pregnant mother’s milk that is the great thing, adding that the “assistants” for the mother such as the best baby swing for infant to sleep, or a bottle can be heated for those cold days … So with a pregnant woman, there would be the “supporter” what?

9 months of pregnancy is a time of happiness, but also equally tired mother with most elected. You will be faced with chest pain, back pain, hip pain intense … Not only that pregnancy problems like cracked or cracked skin, or deep black is also concern for pregnant mothers, it pictures significant effects to the mother’s psychological elected. Below we will share with her mother on the election requisites, which will help improve the health, sleep for pregnant mothers.

  1. Latex pillows – sleep aids

With the support of this health, you will find comfortable lying down, sitting comfort, not to put pressure on belly. On the market today there are many products with colorful pillow designs. You can choose to support U-shaped pillow, V, J. During the last months of pregnancy, pregnant will become heavy, which makes it difficult to sleep pregnant mother, so a pillow she hugged her vote will help elect pleasant, and minimize stress due to insomnia, sleep or deep sleep, which helps reduce the psychological pressure to the fetus.

  1. Ball – support childbearing

Reproductive supporting ball has a lot of use. You can train with the ball during pregnancy, at birth and postpartum pain. During pregnancy, you can sit on the ball instead of sitting on the couch less rigid will help back pain. During the birth process, training with this ball will help pregnant mother is pain free and easy to position the baby birth. After birth, women should exercise regularly with the ball to get in shape fast.

  1. Candy sucking – prevent vomiting

Morning sickness is a terrible situation that many mothers have to undergo a special election in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Now you often seek a certain method to reduce vomiting and sucking candy ginger and lavender is the solution. Sucking candies have a lot of flavors to choose from but the two mothers elected position on many ‘credit experience’ possible. You can also suck candy in the birth process helps dry mouth mothers.

  1. Belts – supporting pregnant

Growing belly will make you face the back pain symptoms. To improve this situation, the mother should buy their own elected pants belly support belt. You should select the type of belt has good elasticity, the material is safe to not affect the baby and cause itching for pregnant mothers.

  1. Maternity Books

A pregnancy book will be helpful for first pregnant time. Sisters take home for reference bought gradually pregnancy care, baby care and baby after birth. The book will be like a pregnant woman’s companion throughout the process of pregnancy and child care for the first time.

During pregnancy, pregnant mother should take the time to read books, make psychologically stable, and more comfortable, as well as help the baby in the womb can hear the mother read, adding the ability to hear, and brain development of the baby.

  1. Low sandals

When pregnant, pregnancy‘s foot size will increase significantly and elected mother often feel more tired. So you need to purchase a pair of shoes to walk less comfortable. Mother also should pay attention to buy larger sizes to their feet most comfortable 1-2.

  1. Bras Pregnancy – breast lift

The majority of women are complaining of chest pain during pregnancy and they freely chose to sleep in the hope chest breasts will be comfortable. This is totally wrong perspective. During pregnancy, breast size bigger so you need to bra is designed specifically for pregnant mothers. Choose those with good elasticity and material guarantees. It has helped reduce maternal elected feeling chest pain caused by grazing or unattractive in the eyes of those around him.

  1. Olive oil – Anti-stretchmark

Olive oil or coconut oil will be used to help increase skin elasticity. Pregnant mother during pregnancy should use these oils to mix with daily feed or used to massage the skin to help reduce skin that stretch.

Coconut oil is also a supporter of the pregnant mothers, to help reduce the dark skin pigmentation, affecting postpartum and during pregnancy, helps pregnant women become more confident.