Almost all music players know about a delay pedal but 80 percent of them just understand a little about its functions and support. That is why a large number of players use it wrongly by giving irritating sound to the audiences. Even though they possess a Best Delay Pedal they cannot still have a full discovery about it. Therefore, today, I will provide you more information about a delay pedal for the guitar and piano.

  1. What is a delay pedal?

Delay is a kind of sound effect whereby it has an input sound from your own instrument and then creates a short gap between two chords in a track. During that short gap, the sound is repeated with several effects that you choose. All the delay signals can be repeated and that sound is called echo sound. When we choose to use that effect, you can also control it. In other words, you can adjust how long the echo sound lasts.

These days, the new technique that uses analog signal to create new effect is very intelligent. This leads to the appearance of digital delay pedal nowadays.

  1. The delay system

In the delay system, all the very first delay signals will be utilized through a magnetic system. By pedaling or prolonging the repeating cycle, you could control the sound you create.

In the past, some experts who had a good command of sound analyzing started to use electronic equipment for their own studio. They also discovered a lot of methods to forming new styles for singers and instrument players. Since then, there has been more innovation in the delay pedal up to the present.

The echo sound was produced in the year 1950. Several experts could create an illustrating sound, called echo. Such a sound became more popular and favored by musicians and players. Nowadays, it has been promoted all over the world so that the players of guitar and piano can have more effects in their track, which helps them to form their new styles.

  1. Use the software to adjust the echo sound

In fact, when playing the instrument, almost all players use the delay pedal at the same time so the sound created is just subjective and is not a thing that is carefully formed.

Nonetheless, nowadays, to become more professional, almost all players need to prepare well before they perform in front of their audiences. Therefore, they use the software on the computer to analyze the sound they add.

This is a great idea to show that the players now invest more time and effort in their music. That is the reason why they could bring to our life more interesting and high quality music products.

On the computer, we could open all the delay effect to choose and it is much easier to try on each of them. If we try on pedaling without the display on the computer, they cannot see the differences among all the effects clearly.

By contrast, with the help of computer software, you can analyze the length and the echo sound in more details. More surprisingly, it is easier for you to use multiple effects from a delay pedal. That is why nowadays, almost all the players use the software for making their music.

  1. The use of a delay pedal in music art

You know that the delay pedal is mostly used by electric guitar players. However, nowadays, it is also used by piano players and the result is great. Guitarists often use the delay signals as an advanced technique. A professional player will understand the music style they are pursuing and understand what chord will be impressed, from which, they will add the sound effect at the right chord.

In addition to this, there are several variants of the delay sound such as echo-plex, slap-back or double-echo. These variants are sometimes very effective on the grounds that they create strange feeling and emotion for the audience. Applying such variant will make your music pieces more attractive.

In conclusion, these are all basic things you should know when you start to learn about a delay pedal. I believe that you will have a lot of fun and experience working with such a professional tool.