Drinking water in practicing sports

Drinking water is a very important issue during your exercise routine. Drinking water helps properly maintain moderate exercise avoid the danger of dehydration.

The amount of water lost through sweating can be up to 1 or 2 liters per hour, especially in some wet areas or when athletes wore no make clear enough evaporation inefficient. Lost 1-1.5lit water can reduce by 10% the ability to focus, if you lose and 2.5 liters or more can stun or cardiovascular collapse. A liter of water lost through sweating with approximately 9g of salt.

  • What kind is best drinks?

Drinks depends on the amount of sports and workout intensity. For example, for those who run the rare few kilometers mornings at risk of dehydration, so drink only purified water is enough. However, for those who practice high intensity, pure water is not the best drink. Ideal drinking water should have a small amount of salt (sodium chloride), sugar and vitamins. You can order drinks dispensing following to use when needed heavy workout:

Take a capsule hydrite diluted in half liter of water, add a little sugar, stir before drinking. Can be mixed with orange juice or lemon. This park contains adequate electrolytes necessary for the body, it is easily absorbed.

  • How many we should drink?

The amount of water needed depends on the degree of sweat lost during exercise. Intense workouts, where hot, humid need to drink more water to maintain the level set. Note the following guidelines:

Two hours before the workout should drink 2 cups (each cup about 250 ml) of juice diluted to 50% or sports drinks (sports drink).

Half an hour before players should drink 1 glass of water or sports drink pure water. This time should not drink fruit juice because it contains fructose is a sugar or uncomfortable stomach.

During the internship, usually 1 or ¾ cup drink every 15 to 20 minutes is enough.

  • Firing things to avoid

Drinking too sweet prone indigestible fast and easy to hunger. Therefore it is best to use the type containing approximately 15-20 grams of sugar in 250 ml (about 6-8%). Avoid soft drinks on the market (coca cola, most luxury …) because it contains too much sugar.

The issue of how to drink water during, before and after fitness, gym or sports seems small but actually they are not small at all.

This article is to answer your questions Moonlight deception. But the problem rehydration during exercise are so important to write the article detail, everyone should read this because there is a lot of useful knowledge for body.

It is the knowledge of nutrition in body. Even if you go to the gym that some girls must read.

Many people have a habit that not drinking water during exercise, if it is set, play alone is not saying, but if you want one rehearsal enough intensity, you can not help but add water while training.

Water shortages do muscle disorders, decreased ability of energy, easier birth and more cramps, it’s hard to concentrate when the female weightlifting throat and dry mouth.

According to one of the foreign studies, if your body is missing 1% of water compared to body weight, the performance of the muscles will decrease 10%.

  • First, read the scientific advice for athletes in sports:

As recommended by the Institute of Medicine Sports America for athletes, should take:

Before practicing: 500ml or less than 1 bit before exercising 1-2 hours (about 2 cups of water on average). Drink slowly then, half a liter of water into one where time is not finished.

While exercise: 15-20 minutes you have to add 350ml water (set you have additional 1 liter of water in the body).

Drink sips just mouth, suck one bit of liquid water in the capillaries and nerves in the mouth for thirst loss faster.

Additional water after exercise: 1 is also an important issue. The principle is, after training if 0.5kg weight reduction, we need to make 500ml (2 cups water). Drinking slowly and should not practice what one little pint.

I would like to note, this is the amount of water used in the recommended practice when conducting experiments with american athletes, they can shape and strength quite different from other countries.