Experience when choosing sneakers

Today, the sport has grown in popularity in the country. Sports not only help improve your health and limiting illness, but also enhance solidarity, creating extensive relationships. When playing sports, one of the most important accessory and indispensable it is a quality sport shoes.

However, when choosing sneakers, some you you usually pay attention to the designs and striking colors but forgot to learn the time you need to replace it with a new pair of shoes and how to choose them how is the best? The following article will share with you some experience when buying sneakers.

  • The danger when choosing inappropriate sneakers

Anyone who, while often participate in sports activities are available in areas such trauma ankle, ankle, toe. However, the fact when playing sports, you’re done possible to eliminate the risk that if you equip yourself with a good pair of athletic shoes and fit your foot size.

When choosing shoes to work, you must make sure that your feet feel most comfortable in those shoes, sports shoes you choose should match your foot shape. Do not choose shoe size too large or too tight. If you choose the shoes are too tight, you will have the risk of the wound following:

– There are multiple blisters, blisters

– Appeared many calluses, lumpy

– There are nodules are inflamed, irritated in interstitial toe

– Crooked toes down

– Your feet will likely be deformed

– It can be injured in the foot, ankle and other serious injuries.

If your exercise schedule is 3 times / week, the sneakers are the best companion of you. Sports shoes have been designed for specific activities consistent with the nature of sport and body weight. This design is to protect the area of ​​the foot when faced with the stress at practice.

  • The method chosen sneakers

– When you try on shoes, you should try both feet, because your feet can increase or decrease the size compared to the old shoes that you are carrying.

– Usually 2 feet of you not to equal, would have a larger foot left foot. So you should try shoes at the largest foot.

– When you try on shoes, you should try with pat.

– After trying on shoes, you should swing your toes, if your toes may waver in one small space of shoes, it means that the size of this shoe fits you and know.

– You should also remember the size of sneakers for different manufacturers, so if you buy shoes of other brands, for sure you should try before offline.

– If possible, you should wear shoes just try to and fro a few rounds if there feel less comfortable.

  • When you replace a new pair of shoes?

The replacement of a new pair of shoes depending on the number of uses, showing signs of fatigue and age of the shoes. Sport shoes generally need to be replaced when:

– You’ve used the jogging shoes is about 300-500 miles.

– Or you’re walking – jogging for a period of 300 hours

– You like to play tennis or basketball followers, football, aerobics in the 45-60 hour time period.

Note that for those sneakers rarely used, you still may need to replace a new pair of shoes, because so long unused, under the effect of the external environment, coupled with drying glue , shoes will work very poorly and susceptible to peeling.

Before buying a new pair of shoes, you see the view, your old shoes worn like? It follows, you may find yourself a new pair better support for this kind of sport you are playing.

That is some experiences I want to share with you about the way to choose shoes to play sport. With the sport specific stretching over an hour, remember to drink water during training or competition. Meanwhile, cold water is ideal as it flows through the stomach very fast and it is not slow belly hindering the movement. After a workout or competition, you can drink fruit juice, milk and non-alcoholic beverages. Sometimes just drinking water bowl spinach squeezed lemon or stabbed, add a few grains of salt is reduced thirsty, come to power because of water spinach with a considerable amount of potash, a little protein and vitamin C.