Fight Over The Government Seat

September 16, 2017

Holding the post of government now is no longer seen as devotion, but is considered as a job. So many people are competing to be able to occupy the seat of office in government. In addition to the significant income guarantee, the facilities are also tempting. Such as a five-star hotel class house, a super expensive luxury car, up to work perfume expensive perfume work. Facilities like this make the government that should represent the people but so deviated from the primary task.

Many of those who start neglecting and selfish no longer concerned with the peoples.

Fight Over The Government Seat

There are various ways to get a seat of government, depending on the policy applied to each country. For a country with a democratic system must then take the path to the general election as a form of manifestation of democracy itself, namely the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Whereas in other countries with a monarchy system, for example, members in the seat of government are dynastic.

Meaning the seat of government can be lowered on the next generation. This kind of system only makes the government actors look homogeneous. Because it only comes from the same circle that means a leader.

Fight over the seat of government is also a phenomenon that can break the unity of society. Those who participated in the struggle for power struggles broke the voice and partisanship of society. Indirectly, conflict frictions Prediksi Bola M88 also occur the community itself. Those who compete for the seat of government power must be more concerned with culture, so as not to divide the community itself.

It is a new challenge for government actors who fight for the seat of government power, but also become part of their practice if they win the seat of government.