Good Governance For Good Living

September 22, 2017

World democracy continues to evolve with new ideas, especially for government. If they follow the conventional path, governments are changing for the better. Although it depends on the actors behind it, the government is better now. States are required to be free from corruption and other crimes.

This good government is tout as the future of the ideal democracy for the life of the country. Whatever the form of the country, even if it is not a democratic state, still requires good governance.

Good Governance For Good Living

For the implementation of a government which itself also requires cooperation from all sectors, from the public sector itself to the community.

Almost all state governments in the world are seeing to western countries ranging from government systems to ideology. Not only countries from Asia, but countries in the African continent adapt it. This adaptation system is also done to make it easier for the government in the country in carrying out its duties. For example with the orientation of America, is considered reasonable if oriented in this country because America is one country that has a long history in his government.

Started when the indigenous tribes of America were colonized by the English hundreds of years ago until now has managed to become a federation with a list of hundreds of former presidents.

The majority of developing countries are always oriented towards the developed countries. Not only about good governance but also with its economic system. These because the developed countries are considered to have more experience, for example just like the countries that are part of the G-8.

The G-8 member states are an example of a series of names of countries most frequently adapted to governance systems and economic systems by developing countries such as those incorporated in the G-20. Then the results of the adaptation of the scheme are re-customized with the needs of developing countries.