How The Government Goes Without Trust?

September 22, 2017

Leading a country must be accompanied by trust. Because when carrying out its duties the government needs support from many parties. Ranging from the coalition even to the opposition party with the government is required, by this support is necessary for the sustainability of the government, both legislation, and other policies.

A government that runs without trust and support will only be a mockery of the opposition masses.

How The Government Goes Without Trust

The actions of the opposition parties with the government will usually be difficult to guess because often they act alone and tend to be anarchist.

But it will be a different story if people already believe then denied the trust by the government. This phenomenon is very likely to occur especially in countries with monarchy government system. The monarchical government system run in the world justifies an authoritarian stance. The condition means to defend everything that becomes the decision of the leader or government in power, be it the president and the king.

For a country with an Orthodox monarchy, the highest government held by the king and for bilateral relations administered by the prime minister. Nonetheless, the prime minister still has a significant role in every policy made.

So to be able to perpetuate power, the ruling government must be able to take the hearts of its people. By having the core of the community then the community will quickly give their trust to the government.

Without trust the government will not last long, even if people do not fully believe in the government could the people launch a coup d’etat to bring down the ruling government. So the government should be smart to anticipate every possibility that occurs, whether for the coalition or its opposition. Good governance is a state that is believed to guarantee the welfare of its people regardless of any element