Government White Collar Crime

September 22, 2017

Government as a leader of a city or state is also not free from mistakes. Even when a person is in power as a government, there will be more temptations and challenges to come. The crime committed by the government is referring to as white collar crime.

Such phrases most often appear and are used in countries that embrace democratic governance systems. This white collar refers to the clothes they often use in their daily work.

But this title is not a proud title because not a few of the white collar crimes that harm the country.

Government White Collar Crime

Such as a criminal act of corruption, for example, one of the most hated crimes in almost all countries regardless of the form of the country. Corruption crime can only do by the government. Corruption also is an act committed by state actors by taking large or small amounts of people’s money for personal gain. Generally the most frequently misused by the government for personal gain comes from the public tax.

The taxes collected by the state from the public and to use for the welfare of society are also misused by irresponsible persons for their personal and group interests.

So that any crime committed by the government is very detrimental to society and state. Especially if the white-collar crime is corruption. The government sector is now often seen as a money field to save the private economy.

Step by step has also been done by the government as a policy maker to anticipate all acts of cheating that may be done by individual cunning elements. But there are always loopholes, especially those who do that are the ones who can influence the policies made by the government. Therefore supervision must be done from two directions, not only from the government but also the guidance of the community.