How to choose the sport that suits to you

Everybody has its own personality. Sports and health activities, too. People will feel more comfortable if the implementation of activities suitable for their style, “said Dr. James Gavin at Concordia University in Quebec said.

“It is important for everyone, especially those who have just started exercising, is considering whether they will file something,” said Dr. James Gavin said. “Does it fit with your man? Does it conflict with your perennial habit?”. If ignored forethought will lead to inefficient practice and not durable. Not only that, the different types of athletes bring different effects on psychological. Through advocacy suitable form can help you offset the deficiencies of character, improve psychological and mental state. It can be divided into 5 groups of popular personalities and the advice of experts Jockey as follows:

  • A group of people or stress

This is a little group of people trained so often feel psychological stress incontinence when they encounter problems. This type of person should be involved in many activities antagonistic and highly competitive as football, basketball, volleyball … Style athletes in this sport often Metamorphosis diversity, tension and suspense, requires calmness can respond and win. You picked the right sport suits me? The dramatic sports, nature antagonists such as basketball, volleyball, football … training for the apprentice a strong spirit in the face of difficulty. Regular exercise in this environment will help you mentally more resilient, always proactive posture, no longer feeling stressed when faced with difficult problems, so can offer affordable solutions justice, ensuring effective work.

  • Group or timid

Those nature timid, shy blush common obstacle in communication problems with people around, hinders success in work and in daily social activities. To overcome the psychological timid, apprehensive crowd, this type who should participate in swimming, skating, mountain bike … – the subject requires players to always brave, not afraid to overcome constraints and challenges, confidence and assertiveness to take the correct decisions and quick in each action. Perseverance practice this sport in a time will help you overcome the psychological hesitation, fear, strengthen confidence, assertiveness, brings success in life. You picked the right sport suits me Mon bike requires in participants must assertive self-confidence, courage to overcome obstacles to achieve success

  • Group or inward

The sport requires high team as football, basketball, volleyball or relay is the ideal sport for those who’re the type of personalities. When engaged in the practice of this discipline, the practice must always comply with the general principles set up teammate interests before personal interests. Not only that, the participants have to practice to practice teamwork ability, quick grasp reviews teammate. Thus, the introverted personality, eccentric, not sociable, lack of competition, difficult to communicate with others when persistent engagement activities this collective spirit will help enhance teamwork and effort healthy for themselves, thereby also gradually help modify personality, inclusive and open to life around. You picked the right sport suits me that sports like volleyball team dominated the apprentice skill and teammates more open to life.

  • Group or paranoia

The person or paranoia, lack of trust in other people, handling work indecisive should choose sports as table tennis, tennis, badminton, high jump, long jump … The sport requires training calm, quick thinking, accurate judgment. Train for a long time will help “expel” skeptical thinking. You picked the right sport suits me tennis Department requires players not be hesitant, skeptical but it always assertive and precise in every movement.

  • Groups or impatient

Those emotional, impulsive, or impatient in the decisions and actions of themselves should select subjects requires perseverance as play chess and hiking … The type this movement primarily under static state, individual practice, brings harmonic effects in nerve function, enhanced ability to control himself. You picked the right sport suits to you.