How to identify genuine and fake helmets

A good helmet will minimize the risk of injury and traumatic brain injury for you. However, many more people own money and still do not know what’s selection caps quality assurance. Following these tips so you can buy a safety helmet, quality.

Hats must be both light, beautiful and hard to … ensure both safety and aesthetics.

15/4 here, the helmet will be fined shoddy at 100000-200000 contract. Many dive helmet to buy “genuine”. The information below will help you easily choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet has “genuine” being pretty consistent with the provisions of law.

  • Standard regulations of the ministry of science and technology

In the regulation of helmets for motorcycle riders, motorcycle by the Ministry of Science and Technology regulations, helmets must meet these requirements: volume, scope shielded, resistant to impact and absorption impulse, reliable penetration, durability of the strap, ask about the vision, the windshield and the general requirements for materials production caps.

Style of the hat: cap covering the first half; cover the head and ears; cover the head, ear and jaw.

Hats must be 3 parts: helmet shell; impulse absorbing padding inside the shell hat; strap.

Equal to stamps: All helmets circulating in the market (both domestic and imported) must stamp and stamp CR “checked” for imported goods.

Product Information: Designs hats must meet requirements such as product names are helmets for motorcycle riders, motorcycles, the name and address of the organization or individuals that import, distribute, export origin and date of manufacture.

Assorted helmets: For other types of helmets with soft baseball caps attached to the shell, or leave the removable baseball is baseball’s length (from the point of connection with shell hat to the point the most distant of baseball) not exceeding 70mm, angle of baseball not affect the user’s perspective. Baseball helmet with hard hat shell is attached to the length of the baseball hard (from the point of connection with shell hat to the farthest point of baseball) is not greater than 50mm.

  • When buying real experience

Wiring installed to smooth helmet, when stretched wire, see for sure. Straps must be locked and ensure durable enough, not too much elasticity. Glasses should be clear, honest reflection.

  • Distinguish genuine goods

Helmets really two kinds of hats and caps domestically produced imports. With helmets in the country should be sealed CS (corporate seal by itself announced its product line with standards), exotic hat but no sign inspection stamp. Check the parameters indicated on the cap: The name and address of the manufacturing unit, hat size, date of manufacture, manual … and this symbol must be clear, not overshadow, smooth peel. There are many kind of helmet but you need to choose one that has good quality and make sure when you take part in traffic, it will protect from being accident, so your head will not be affected.

  • Proper helmet to safety

Wishing to bring safety to the people on all roads, traffic safety experts have warned riders of motorcycles, motorcycles need to know how to promote the most effective when using of helmets.

If the helmet does not properly value the protection is only 30-50%. Thus, the cap still at high risk of head injuries if unfortunately encountered traffic accident. However, there are still many people neglect to wear a helmet, or helmet improperly.

Through the preliminary survey of physician groups, up to 89% of people do not wear helmets properly. In particular, errors mainly in the neck strap or cord caps hat too broad. In addition, the fault does not fasten caps, cloth hats – caps in the helmet, the helmet backwards from front to back, even removing your hat for … foam lining mild and transient.

The cause of this situation is because people still have the mentality of the opposing team, the team should not be penalized just do not care about right or wrong hat.

  • The realistic images, funny here’s a concrete example of this situation

Including “a thousand and one” style helmet irregularities way, and also has “a thousand and one” reason for the people to explain things improperly hat. However, from the seemingly simple act was wearing a helmet, then is pretty much drag implications.