Improper Helmet: the risk of accident and injury

Do you know the advantage of helmet? If choosing a good helmet, it will help you avoid some injuries from accidents. Reading this article and there will have some useful knowledge for you about helmet.  

Nevertheless, a problem, it is how to choose the Best motorcycle helmet. Because in the market now, there are many fake models, so you can choose one that make sure quality and have nice design. It is not easy.

  • Some signs for a qualified helmet

If the wrong hat, it will have no effect, or diminished effect. In a certain extent, a hat improperly can be dangerous for the team, and all participants in the traffic side. Because, the wrong team will make helmets loose, not tight top or lost foam inner layer, affecting the process of deceleration, prevent foreign bodies direct impact to the head. On the other hand, while the circulation and can cap will be flying down the road, obstructing or accidents to around people.

In particular, wire caps in place neck, an accident, wires can screw into the neck area, which can damage the trachea, esophageal, cervical spine, carotid artery, resulting in hemiplegia , ischemic stroke, and even death. There have been cases of patients with cervical spine fracture and mortality helmet rope tightened on the neck when the accident occurred.

The helmet has really become familiar objects, indispensable to each person when in traffic. This confirms the success in bringing the law to life. Song helmet like, hats are really anonymous to protect the lives of people or only to the “deal” functional departments, quality hats like? … It is still problematic , hard to control. To the helmet actually become an indispensable cultural feature, each person must understand the effect of the cap as well as harm the hat fake, shoddy hat in traffic participants.

  • The components that make up the helmet

Helmets now an indispensable item for every person when driving or any other means when you go out. Mainly present themselves each person can choose for themselves in a proper quality standards and designs. However, the composition, the helmet should not everyone really knows. Therefore this article will point out some of the components that make up the product.

Helmets made of 3 layers: hard plastic outer shell bearing works extremely well with bumps origin from special hard plastic, sometimes in a few products are durable lightweight carbon. Because while strong quakes occur, it is a cover to help keep the human brain is the most stable state. Scientists have proven over hundreds of thousands of experiments to test the power dam great stamina, despite external physical forces and despite how big the object

  • Choosing one with soft foam

Next is the soft foam layer to reduce the trauma to the brain. As we all know, every moment of the accident, the head the body will suffer greatly. Although helmets crust outside prevent exposure occurred, but the crust was hard enough to cause brain affected is not small. So porous layer functions mentioned with somewhat diminished the shock force, one of the factors that increase the chance for human life.

The final layer of the helmet are normally produced from fabric, its effect is none other than cooling and heating in the layer makes contact with the scalp will become more open. Depending on the effect of the use that will be made thicker or thinner depending go. Earlier, helmet manufacturers also add layers to create soft and little comfort when the team, especially with the hot weather or rain storms. Of course, the main task is to help users stay safe.

The accessory parts such as wiring installed or baseball or windshields will also perform during private functions. For example, set to a fixed wire helmet on top, windshield would like daily spectacles against agents such as dust, rain and wind … Now people still often wear helmets this type so that every time you go out to feel peace of mind fears minimize dust, especially in the big cities. Wearing a helmet when you go in the road is so safe. It helps you avoid some accidents. So it is necessary when bring a helmet along with you.