What If Living Environment Without Government ?

September 22, 2017

Human life can not separate from the state. Almost no person does not live in a country. By living within the state means our lives are also cloth with various rules and regulations are there to support the survival. Government as the owner and create the rules must have considered different things that benefit the lives of its citizens.

Good governance will not make the people feel confined by the rules but will make their citizens feel protected. Besides that, the regulation is also part of the form of democracy to make people believe in the government.

What If Living Environment Without Government

Then what if a country goes without a government? Sometimes this becomes the question by some people, those who are curious about this also trying to find the answer. In fact, to establish a country, there are three main things that must fulfill that is the land, the existence of society, and the government. Without these three elements, the formation of a state can not establish yet.

Besides that, a country that runs without government then will be messy and irregular. The absence of rules that support the welfare of its citizens to make citizens act on their lust.

But if it follows the logical flow of human thinking, it is unlikely that a country can go without a government. Not because of the mess of the country, but the impossible is the absence of human beings who do not want to rule.

By holding office as a government, of course, he will also keep some important roles in government. Therefore, the government position is one part of the work that is often contested by many parties. Then if a country http://infojudionlineresmi.angelfire.com/jadwal-dan-bursa-taruhan-bola-net-terlengkap.html that stands there is no government, sooner or later the government will be formed by itself.