Realizing the Importance of Government

May 18, 2017

The importance of government is indicated by its functions and roles. Typically speaking, a government serves as a body that governs the way a country runs, both inward and outward. The government is held responsible for bettering the life of its people. The government is also responsible for maintaining the country’s relationship with other countries while also has a great role if external threats were to put the people’s life at risk. Just by knowing this alone, you must have known exactly how important a government really is. It is placed there so that your life as a citizen of a country can be a lot safer and a lot more comfortable in the process.

The importance of government can be easily observed when the idea is applied to a country’s well-being. A government-less state results in a country that is not ruled by any set of constitutions, which in turn affects the country’s internal cohesion. As nothing is in place to regulate social and cultural life of the citizens, said country will be Agen Bola Online overrun by crimes and the economy would crumble in the absence of a ruling regime. Other countries can easily annex the other’s part of territory; even worse, invading a country would be deemed inconsequential as the invaded country has no sovereignty of its own.

The importance of government can also be felt in the economic condition of a country. A country without a government or a country whose government does not care about economic condition will have no means of ruling how people do business. Capitalism may over-flourish that it runs over the public market, leaving small businesses unable to develop. As a result, the rich will be even richer while the poor keeps getting poor in the absence of bodies regulating and redistributing wealth and incomes.