These essential items when traveling

When traveling, things like identification, toothpaste, medications abdominal pain, flu drugs … are indispensable in your inventory.

And have an utensils that you can bring to record some interest moment, it is Best Trail Camera. With this product, your hunting will be easier. Or you can use it to take photographs. This is indispensable item for you when go travelling.

  • Identity documents

Identity card, check fares and hotel bookings papers or other services. If you are traveling abroad, they must prepare passports. In case of any accompanying children must bring a birth certificate for the child.

  • Cash, ATM

Preparation and prevention of money to spend. If traveling abroad, the indispensable is to go to that country’s currency exchange prior to the road.

Do not forget to bring your ATM card to run out of money in case relatives can call by sending money via card support.

  • Paper towels, hand towels, bath towels

You should prepare a wet paper towel to dry your hands for easy on the go or when dining car. In addition, the washcloths and towels are also indispensable in your journey, while ensuring their hygiene.

  • Dry hand wash gel:

Normally, we do not pay attention to things, or this, but to ensure their health and loved ones of the trip, you need to bring with antibacterial soap to keep hands clean will, minimize the possibility of food poisoning.

  • Medical bags, medical equipment:

Do not forget to prepare personal medicine bag when traveling, such as cold medicines, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, insect bites drugs, oil wind, abdominal pain medication, antibiotics common, motion sickness medication, planes … to guard against the cold at or misadventure, night or in unfamiliar places where you can not handle.

  • Footwear Trainers:

Due to frequent moves and walking a lot, so you need to prepare canvas shoes, sports, soft, flat base for easy walking, climbing. If sailing, you should be prepared to add a pair of sandals to walk when traveling at sea. If the hard shoes or high heels will make your legs become swollen, walking difficulties and can not enjoy all the pleasure of the trip.

  • Camera, charger and backup battery:

Camera indispensable for you to record the moments and the beauty of the places you will go on a trip, to preserve family memories. You need to prepare extra battery charger and a pair of backup battery to not regret for not keeping the moment there is no second.

  • Recipes chosen itinerary camera

Camera journey is an effective means to handle traffic situations too complex. Demanding for camera mounting my journey also stems from the chaotic traffic situation: a mixed airway clear, conscious participants are not high traffic. Who more damage to the house, the other working driver never predict anything.

Camera journey as my companion. To ensure that his innocence for the windfall situation or need evidence to solve the case of a crash on the way encounter a simple and fast way.Please share your experience with my search to get a camera like the journey.

  • Easy to Use

Agrees that evolving technology and cruise camera also upgraded many features fashionable but consider the demand for real. Most important is it to keep in automatically when you start your car and when you need proof, you can review away with simple button operation. Simple, easy to understand helps you use easily.

  • Features support

These high-end products will have more features than the driver assistance, even though in many but I appreciated two features speed limits and warnings when parking mode. Speeding warnings to include warning functions as a means of changing the acceleration, abrupt direction. It will be useful when you are asleep or drunk.

In the parking mode, the device will automatically take a picture and increase the sensitivity of the collision sensor, helping you get the proof of guilt or vandalism when the vehicle is parked. To do this, regardless of a power supply for the device.

Analysis software help you review your videos easily and in detail. Take your time to learn about this issue.

The new life journey outside camera software supports video analytics software to synthesize the route, time statistics, the velocity of the vehicle according to the given time period. It is quite useful for businesses who want to manage.

We hope that these experiences will help you in the process of looking for a trusted companion when travelling.