What If Living Environment Without Government ?
Uncategorized / September 22, 2017

Human life can not separate from the state. Almost no person does not live in a country. By living within the state means our lives are also cloth with various rules and regulations are there to support the survival. Government as the owner and create the rules must have considered different things that benefit the lives of its citizens.

Good governance will not make the people feel confined by the rules but will make their citizens feel protected. Besides that, the regulation is also part of the form of democracy to make people believe in the government. read more

How The Government Goes Without Trust?
Uncategorized / September 22, 2017

Leading a country must be accompanied by trust. Because when carrying out its duties the government needs support from many parties. Ranging from the coalition even to the opposition party with the government is required, by this support is necessary for the sustainability of the government, both legislation, and other policies.

A government that runs without trust and support will only be a mockery of the opposition masses.

How The Government Goes Without Trust

The actions of the opposition parties with the government will usually be difficult to guess because often they act alone and tend to be anarchist. read more

Government White Collar Crime
Uncategorized / September 22, 2017

Government as a leader of a city or state is also not free from mistakes. Even when a person is in power as a government, there will be more temptations and challenges to come. The crime committed by the government is referring to as white collar crime.

Such phrases most often appear and are used in countries that embrace democratic governance systems. This white collar refers to the clothes they often use in their daily work.

But this title is not a proud title because not a few of the white collar crimes that harm the country. read more

Good Governance For Good Living
Uncategorized / September 22, 2017

World democracy continues to evolve with new ideas, especially for government. If they follow the conventional path, governments are changing for the better. Although it depends on the actors behind it, the government is better now. States are required to be free from corruption and other crimes.

This good government is tout as the future of the ideal democracy for the life of the country. Whatever the form of the country, even if it is not a democratic state, still requires good governance.

Good Governance For Good Living

For the implementation of a government which itself also requires cooperation from all sectors, from the public sector itself to the community. read more