What Are the Functions of Government?

May 18, 2017

Living in a state ruled lawfully, you might at one point ask yourself, what exactly are the functions of government? Most people tend to associate government with politics and while that is not at all a wrong assumption, there so much more than meet the eyes about the government and whatever it is that it regulates. First thing first, your government exists to preserve order within the country. This is the most fundamental function of a government. Without a body that exists above everything within a country, which helps regulates it, society will collapse as the law will have nothing to establish itself upon.

All of the countries on this planet have enemies. Difference can take a lot of shapes and this could lead to skirmishes among the countries. Part of the functions of government is to help a country to defend itself against external threats; without a functioning government, a country will not be able to focus its resources to fight off threats. Individuals are capable of Agen Judi Togel conducting trade and whatnot. But without a government, you will not be able to enjoy things that can only be found in other countries. Government regulates economy, both internally and externally.

The functions of government also include its ability to provide collective service for citizens. National security can be a great example for this collective service in question. Military resources can be outsourced. Rich people are known to do just this. But if a government is to do the same, there is a chance that the military power it hires will turn on it and its people, putting their life in danger. With the presence of a government, people can enjoy security services provided by its own forces. These are of course only a few of government’s functions as its role in our life would be too deep to explain in such a short exposition.